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New Govardhana, Australia: UPCOMING FESTIVALS ... Gundica Marjana and Ratha Yatra

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June is Jagannatha month ! 

We just recently celebrated the Snana Yatra festival, which was a huge success, and now we invite you to help us celebrate two more festivals related to Lord Jagannatha.  Gundica Marjana is the auspicious celebration of Lord Caitanya's cleaning of the Gundica Temple followed by Ratha Yatra.

Gundica Marjana


Ratha Yatra


Ratha Yatra Sunday 24 June 2012

2.45 pm        Assemble at front entrance for arati & kirtan
3.00 pm        Ratha Yatra begins
4.15 pm        Jagannatha arrives at temple
4.30 pm        Cultural Activities
5.30 pm        Maha feast
6.30 pm        Gaura Arati


Flowers -    $   151
Feast -       $1008
Worship -    $  108

For more information & sponsorships please contact Damodara Pandit dasa (m) 0415 190 313
525 Tyalgum Road

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