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Kindle For iOS Now Supports Children’s Books And Graphic Novels

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Kindle For iOS Now Supports Children’s Books And Graphic Novels

Count on Amazon to not be outdone by its competitors as far as e-reading is concerned. A mere day after lesser-known e-bookstore Kobo updated its official iOS app with support for rich content and new reading menus, here comes the extremely popular online retailer with a similar update to its Kindle app for iOS.

Version 3.1 of Kindle for iOS introduces a couple of improvements exclusive to its iPad version. One of these is the ability to render the Kindle editions of books with illustrated content. Now you can read children’s books and graphic novels on the app.

The other iPad-only improvement pertains to the app’s new reading experience. As shown in the side-by-side comparison above, the margins are now smaller and the reading menus are relocated across the top.

Kindle for iPad now supports comics and children's books.

The update also brings a pair of improvements that are applicable for all of the devices supported by the app. On iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, searching by title or author is now enabled. As well, an issue affecting Google and Wikipedia lookup has been fixed by the update.

Kindle for iOS is available in the App Store for free. As in Kobo’s namesake app and Barnes & Noble’s Nook for iOS, books can’t be bought directly within the app. You’d have to buy from Amazon’s Kindle Store and navigate back to the app to read your purchased books, which can now include titles featuring Batman and Curious George.

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