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Integrate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And More Into Your Inbox With PowerInbox

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We will never be satisfied with Gmail, though which is second to none.

And to make Gmail more interesting, you can hide ads with Gmelius, send attachments to Drive directly, schedule emails with Right Inbox, so on and so forth.

This post will show you another way to play with Gmail via the free web app — PowerInbox, which is available for you to integrate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and some other social networking services into your Inbox with the following 3 cool features.

1. Integrate multiple social networking services

PowerInbox Sidebar

Besides Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can also connect with Unifyo, Instagram, and integrate them into your Inbox.

For Twitter, you can compose new tweets, follow or unfollow users, and reply to, retweet, or favorite tweets.

For Facebook, you can write something, and read, like, or comment on your timeline messages.

For LinkedIn, you can read the latest news updated by your network.

For Unifyo, you can read and reply to your Twitter or Facebook messages, as well as to update your Twitter or Facebook status.

For Instagram, you can see, like and comment on the pictures from your friends.

And for, you can get reminders if any.

2. Expand the emails

Integrate Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin And More Into Your Inbox Wit PowerInbox

PowerInbox will expand the email you received from the supported websites and show you more details. For example, while someone mentioned you on Facebook, you can receive an email with that comment only as default, but through PowerInbox, you can even read, like and comment on the original post.

3. Add videos

PowerInbox Compose

With the Compose feature, you can add YouTube and Vimeo videos by entering their URLs, but during my test, this feature is not available for Chrome or Firefox in Gmail, while other browsers and email services are not tested.

To use the above functions of PowerInbox, you just need to download and install the extensions on your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE or RockMelt browsers.

By the way, besides Gmail, PowerInbox is also available for Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

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