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in the kitchen with: the best of vegan recipes | Design*Sponge

When I went to Australia earlier this year, I overdosed on egg and bacon rolls.  I sent an enthusiastic email to Grace about how I was enjoying recreating my own here at home, and she wrote me back that she is pretty much vegan these days.  I was a bit crestfallen that my enthusiasm for bacon had fallen on deaf ears, but it got me to thinking whether I could ever make that transition.  I took a stroll through our archives to see what dishes we had here for vegans and I decided to just do a Best of.  We have quite a few recipes in the archives which are made with the addition of a sprinkle of cheese which would be an easily skipped ingredient but I have not included those here.  I have however tried to include quite a few recipes that can be easily personalized with your favorite ingredients.  Hope you enjoy our collection!  -Kristina

Above, Green Kitchen Stories’ Portobello Mushroom Burger.  I could say so much about this burger but the photo speaks for itself.  This would definitely make my list of best burgers!  Tuck your napkin into your shirt, roll up your sleeves and have a bite!

Sharon Spain shared her recipe for homemade pickles with us a few years ago.  I sat for a while trying to conceive of how I could make a mouth-watering picture of a pickle, but took my problem to Matt Armendariz (who shot the image above) and he helped me right away with the idea of a pickle sandwich.  Don’t worry, cheese is not part of the recipe, just part of the presentation.

More fantastic vegan recipes after the jump…

If you’re making your own pickles, why not make your own bread for a sandwich?  Vanessa Rees, Brooklyn-based photographer developed this recipe for sesame pancake sandwich bread to break the monotony of catered lunches on her photography shoots.  Vanessa has updated the recipe based on your feedback.  I think this bread would make any lunch great!



Andrea Nguyen, someone I’ve dubbed the Dumpling Queen, developed this vegan wonton recipe just for us!  Dumplings are one of the best food candidates for personalization according to your own tastes.  We’ve had a few versions here on the column, all of which I’ve loved and overdosed on.


“Sushi” is another food that is perfect entertaining food.  It can be made to fit the palate of anyone who is eating it.  Many readers shared their own favorite combinations that they prepare at home.  I am lucky because my husband doesn’t like “sushi” with fish or without, so whenever I make it it’s all mine.  Jill Bliss’ sushi recipe just using carrots, cucumber and avocado is a classic and addictive roll!


Tara O’Brady pitched right for my heart when she offered a recipe for pakoras and green chutney.  Her recipe is her own version of this traditional Indian vegetable fritter, and definitely worth the try.  This really would be the perfect dish to savor with a cold drink.


Israeli photography and styling team Matkonation provided the answer to a years’ old question when they shared their recipe for falafel with us earlier this year.  I try to save my consumption of fried foods for the times I eat outside of the house, but having a recipe for falafel might put a large dent in that rule!



Heidi Swanson, author of the beautifully written and photographed blog 101 Cookbooks, wrote one of the most beautiful books to pass through my hands in so very long.  The jury at the James Beard Foundation had it right when her book Super Natural Everyday won the “Focus on Health” award this year (2012).  Its predecessor was nominated, also.  This recipe for roasted strawberries is from the book.  Perfect for any time of the day.



Though I intended for this Best Of to be exclusively savory, there were some flavors that I just could not leave out as we head into summer.  A beautiful fruit sorbet was a definite priority.  This recipe for plum marsala sorbet is from Kristin Silverman, the lawyer behind The Kitchen Sink blog.  It’s a perfect refreshing dessert for summer that won’t weigh you down.  An ice cream machine is worth it, just so you can make this!  But don’t worry.  Kristin has provided instructions on how to enjoy the sorbet as a granita if you don’t have a machine.

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